An Urgent Message Regarding COVID-19

Dear Fellow Supporters,

The past few months have been very difficult for all of us, not just as football supporters but in our
everyday lives. We have been separated from loved ones through social distancing, but many have
had their lives changed forever with family and friends taken by this dreadful virus.

For us who are fortunate, the season resumes on the 20th June, the promotion we’ve waited years
for is only around the corner, even this deadly virus can not stop Bielsa and the team, the EFL can
not stop Bielsa and the team, the FA can not stop Bielsa and the team, the only way Bielsa and the
team can be stopped is by our own stupidity. Please stay away from all football stadiums, let the
season play out, lets win promotion and let the next stadium you approach be a premiership

If you can not do it for yourself, then do it for all those Leeds United fans who have lost their lives
throughout this pandemic, show them the respect they deserve – give them their dream!