About Us

We are The South Leeds Independent

SLI endeavors to unite the Leeds United supporters of South Leeds and its surrounding areas to provide an association that recognises the rights of all supporters to enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment that leads to a good match day experience.

We aim to work closely with Leeds football club, and resolve any matters through discussion and negotiation where possible. We engage with the club and work together to help accelerate its return to the premier league of English football.

Our Mission

SLI recognizes it has a responsibility to the supporters of Leeds United Football club. We are committed in our pursuit of fostering a partnership with the owners of Leeds United. We embrace our member’s needs and are committed to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the desires of both the supporters of the club and the club’s board. SLI believe cooperation and collaboration are the only ways to deliver a vibrant and progressive football club that will be in a strong financial position for the seasons to come. Our objective is to grow SLI into a non-profitable institution that meets our member’s needs whilst gaining improving relationships throughout our football community. Our plans are committed to working with the utmost sincerity and honesty providing our members with transparency and prompt and reliable information.

Our History

Regular meetings are held to provide an open forum for members and guests to air their views on all things Leeds United, make bookings for the away fixtures and purchase club merchandise whilst relaxing for a few drinks with like-minded supporters.

You do not have to be a member of the SLI to book travel, we believe membership to be optional giving Independent supporters the freedom to choose.


We demand of ourselves the utmost ethical values. Our conduct as a supporters’ association, and the individuals and smaller groups within it, will always reflect the highest standards of veracity. We will display open, sincere and ethical behavior in all dealings with our partners. The SLI name is to be a source of pride and will encourage confidence in all with whom we come into contact.


SLI recognizes that the supporters of Leeds United are the cornerstone of its success. We value the diversity of our members and identify this as a source of strength. We listen to the views of all our members and respond appropriately. We recognise that information must be provided frequently and be transparent.

Our Values

To achieve our purpose and mission we affirm our values of integrity, transparency, teamwork and respect for all supporters of Leeds United and the Club Officials.


Any questions about our policies or membership? Feel free to get in touch with our board.