Who Is Andy Hunt

I first started travelling with the SLI during the 2009 season, when we were based at the Gardners Arms in Morley. Little was I to know back on that first trip to Wycombe Wanderers on a red hot August afternoon, the laughs, camaraderie and friendships the next decade following the mighty whites would bring. Let’s face it, during the existence of the SLI, some of the football hasn’t exactly been enticing to spend thousands of pounds travelling up and down the country following our beloved Leeds United.

I’ve lost count the number of times I have told mates “it was a fantastic day out, spoilt by 90 minutes in the middle” on a return from an SLI Away Day. But would I, or the hundreds who have travelled with the South Leeds Independent over those lean years, have changed it – not in the slightest.

The memories created following Leeds with the SLI will last a lifetime, whether be getting soaked through on the open end at Swindon when we were hammered 3-0 on a Tuesday night, getting up a daft-o’clock, for a lunchtime kick-off in London (with, of course, the obligatory pub stop fitted in), or the infamous three day trip for a midweek game at Bournemouth a few seasons ago.

It’s days like those that have made Leeds United’s fanbase a different breed to any other club over the 16 years outside the top flight.

I can not speak highly enough of Dean and the SLI Committee – the people who make our Supporters Club what it is – from the actual running of coaches to away days, including the famous fancy dress trips, to supporters club meetings and other gatherings, which are open to friends and families – they are run like a top class military operation.

There is also the humbling fundraising events members of the SLI have endured over a number of years, raising thousands of pounds for causes close to Leeds United’s fans hearts.

The SLI Committee have taken the next step to introduce our supporter’s club website – with updates of away days and upcoming events and it was a pleasure when Dean asked me to put my own spin on supporting Leeds United and in particular the SLI.

One topic often discussed on those long and arduous trips home are your greatest memory following Leeds United.

I was fortunate enough to watch Leeds in Europe, travelling to the likes of Monaco, Holland, Rome, Milan, Madrid and Zurich (sadly all before the SLI was formed) and have some fantastic memories.

All supporters have their own favourite memories and best away day and it would be great to include some of these on the new SLI Website.

Whatever the next few months bring, there is sure to be plenty more drama watching LUFC as we strive to get back to where we belong.

One thing is certain – wherever Leeds United are, the SLI will be there supporting.